Product Description

Finding any solid and liquid materials

– Identify all material according to user requirements in urban and industrial environments up to 300 and out of urban environments up to several K.M
– Ability to identify the specified range to the device
– Utilizing the electro- static effects of materials and creating momentary dipoles in the purpose of revealing .
– The ability to discover from behind all of the natural and non-natural barrier and any kind of camouflage around the target.
– Ability to adjust on the desired material.

Has multiple degrees of sensitivity :

To identify large  ,  Small and medium targets

– Determining the target without touching the sample case .
– Not being effected by waves interferences and the noises made by high voltage towers , telecommunication stations , various obstacles and any electronic violence created .
– Setting up at the less than 5 second.
– Reaction time up to 5 second and usage temperature -40 up to +70 c.
– Ability to detect in any depth of the soil , water , mountain .

Usability in :

1 – Mining industry : To discover different kind of metal and non metal mines , gemstones
2 – Essintial Resources : To discover oil reserves , water , Rare plants
3 – Medical equipment industry : To identify cases such as cancer .
4 – Relief operations : Identify only live man under the debris , snow Lost in the mountains and plains , discovery a human body buried Under the soil and water

Attention : A device is made for each of the mentioned cases